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 About Grant

I grew up moving all around the South, eventually settling in Georgia, my birth state, for high school. After a brief stint in the Army, I went to Kennesaw State University where I majored in Communication (Media Studies). I spent nine years, both at KSU and professionally, as a print journalist, with photography as a hobby. In 2006, I changed careers, becoming an English teacher and taking a job at a local high school.

Grant enjoying a beer and lobster roll in Bar Harbor

Grant enjoying a beer and lobster roll in Bar Harbor

About Bonnie

I grew up in Tallahassee and went to Florida State University, where I majored in Math Education.  Then I moved to Georgia and have been teaching high school math since 1999.  I taught for the first eight years in Savannah and have been at the same school with Grant ever since.

We loved this little cafe on the lakeshore for dinner. The view was great (the scenery was pretty, too!), food was great, and the band was pretty good!

Bonnie enjoying sunset and a great meal in Varenna, Italy

About Us

We met while teaching together at the same high school. At first, we didn’t like each other all that much, but after a spilled beer into Bonnie’s purse and a coerced date, we are pretty much inseparable.

Our first trip together was a road trip to the Outer Banks over Spring Break back in 2009. We spent 12 days road tripping to Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks that summer and were married the next summer. Those first two trips sparked our love for the National Park Service and its sites. Our goal is to visit as many as we can… at least as many as are feasible! We have presently visited about 25 percent of the sites and still have a long way to go.

Since getting married, we spend most every possible vacation traveling, both in the US and abroad. We recently turned 40 and bought a travel trailer. Now, we are now looking forward to spending even more time on the road. We are even taking our cat, Alee, along for the ride!

Alee the Camping Kitty

Alee, our camping kitty!

Editorial Policy

Though it need not be said, everything we post is as factually accurate as we can make it. Grant’s background in journalism prevents him from glossing over much of anything.

We are doing this blog to share our experiences and, hopefully, make a little money on the side. That said, any review we post is based upon our experience and if we receive any compensation for going somewhere or staying somewhere, it will be noted.

Please see our review policy for additional information on how we do reviews.

Photography Policy

Grant, who does the majority of the photography and all of the editing has a very strict policy: if color, as close to what we saw as possible. If black and white, Grant does nothing which couldn’t be done with standard color filters and darkroom work.

What that means:

  • No funky filters for color work… a polarizer or neutral density filter and that’s it! That’s why we always post the #nofilter on our Instagram
  • No replacement of elements… i.e. no taking a sky from one photo and putting it in a second photo
  • The only things changed or eliminated from a photo are dust on the lens, lens flares or other problems with the camera that prevent the reader from seeing what we saw
  • High dynamic range photos (a composite of images of a single subject taken at different exposures) might be used if the shot requires it to match what we see.
  • If you have questions about a photo, we are more than happy to e-mail a low-resolution example of the digital negative

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is pretty simple. We don’t collect your personal information except when you choose to sign up for our e-mails. The information you submit to our e-mail database is never shared with anyone other than our e-mail provider. The information is only used to send you our newsletter. You can opt out of our newsletter any time by hitting unsubscribe. If you are having problems unsubscribing, please use the contact us form below and we will personally remove you from the database. No questions asked.

If you comment on a post, we will not send you any e-mails or otherwise use your contact information in any way. It is only collected to identify you on your comment and to allow you to choose to get e-mail updates on replies.

We do collect anonymous analytical data, using Google Analytics, but we cannot associate that information with individual users. We also use cookies in conjunction with our popups, but only so the newsletter subscription box doesn’t bother you after you have signed up for our newsletter.

Review Policy

Gear and clothing

All of our gear reviews are of gear we have used in our travels. You might find the occasional link to something one of us wants to use in the future, but for the most part, we have paid our hard-earned money to buy the gear and use it ourselves.

If, in the future, companies want us to try gear in our travels, we will note that in our reviews.

Places we stay and eat

After much thought, we have decided to not host in-depth negative reviews of the places we stay or the restaurants we dine at on Our Wander-Filled Life.

We will keep on mentioning and linking places we like and restaurants we enjoyed. Occasionally, when it is an experience, we might do an entire blog post about it. But we want to keep it positive and we can’t do that all the time and be honest.

We do, however, feel it is valuable to continue reviewing all of the places we visit, good and bad, and to share those with appropriate communities.

In the past, we have relied on Trip Advisor and contributed many reviews of the places we have stayed on that site.

Since we started RVing, we have used RV Park Reviews to find and review campgrounds.

We will continue to use those sites, where our reviews, both good and bad, are balanced by the opinions of many others (as opposed to doing an in-depth review here) and continue to benefit travelers as a whole.

Interested in reading our other reviews? Check out our profiles on these sites:

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Affiliate Disclaimer

We are participants in the following programs, affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to affiliated sites:

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