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by Grant

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is pretty simple. We don’t collect your personal information except when you choose to sign up for our e-mails. The information you submit to our e-mail database is never shared with anyone other than our e-mail provider. The information is only used to send you our newsletter. You can opt out of our newsletter any time by hitting unsubscribe. If you are having problems unsubscribing, please use the contact us form below and we will personally remove you from the database. No questions asked.

If you comment on a post, we will not send you any e-mails or otherwise use your contact information in any way. It is only collected to identify you on your comment and to allow you to choose to get e-mail updates on replies.

We do collect anonymous analytical data, using Google Analytics, but we cannot associate that information with individual users. We also use cookies in conjunction with our popups, but only so the newsletter subscription box doesn’t bother you after you have signed up for our newsletter.


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